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Use for odor control and air freshening in a variety applications.

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WaterSol™ Deodorant ConcentrateWaterSol™ Concentrate

Multi-Purpose Water Soluble
Odor Counteractant Concentrate

WaterSol™ is the perfect broad spectrum water soluble deodorant concentrate. Highly dilutable for use in a variety of applications: space spray, mop water additive, carpet cleaning additive and more. WaterSol™ Concentrate is highly effective against most indoor odors.

WaterSol™ features and advantages:

  • Instantly neutralizes malodors without masking.
  • Highly concentrated, economical to use. Can be diluted to ratios of 1:128.
  • Versatile. Use in a variety of applications: space spray, mop water additive, carpet cleaning additive and more.
  • Mixes with most cleaning solutions.
  • Non-flammable and biodegradable.
  • Available in popular industry-recognized fragrances.
  • Economical to use.
  • V.O.C. compliant.

Suggested uses:

WaterSol™ Concentrate may be added to most cleaning solutions for a variety of odor control applications in: health care facilities, veterinary hospitals, hotels/motels, smoking areas and adjacent non-smoking areas, compactor rooms, locker rooms, water damage treatment, conference rooms, stagnant basements, washrooms, soiled linen areas, health clubs, condominiums – anywhere fast, effective odor control is required.

Directions for use:

Mix with water or add to water base cleaning solutions at ratios of up to 1:128 for trigger spray bottles, cleaning and mopping solutions, carpet solutions, extractors and laundry water.

Use full strength from trigger spray bottle or pressure sprayer. For more severe odors: in pet areas, waste receptacles, around toilets and urinal and industrial applications and in outdoor applications such as dumpsters, sewage plant & lift stations, landfill operations, etc.

See label for complete safety, mixing and use directions.


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