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Make your own name brand odor control CONCENTRATES!

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Ultra Deo Base™Make Your Own "Name Brand"
Deodorant CONCENTRATES at a Fraction of the Cost!

Five Gallons of Ultra Deo-Base™ Formulating Base Makes 55 Gallons of Water Soluble Deodorant CONCENTRATE.

Why Buy Water? Each 5 gallon pail of Ultra Deo-Base™ contains all the ingredients you need to produce 55 gallons of high quality, private labeled odor control concentrate. Match “name brand” products in fragrance, power and effectiveness – at a fraction of the cost! The newly mixed concentrate further dilutes to ratios of 1:128 for use in cleaning solutions, space sprays, carpet shampoos, etc.

Ultra Deo-Base™ features and advantages:

  • 5 gallons of Ultra Deo-Base™ makes a full 55 gallons of highly dilutable deodorant.
  • Yields a clear, stable non-separating solution.
  • Contains no water, so you save freight costs.
  • Sell at a significantly higher profit margin of 300% or more!
  • Out-performs competitive products.
  • Choose from over 40 industry recognized “name brand” fragrance types.
  • V.O.C. complaint.

Directions for use:

1. Partially fill a clean, lined 55 gallon drum with approximately 50 gallons of deionized or low mineral tap water.

2. Add 5 gallons of Ultra Deo-Base™. Mix thoroughly.

3. Ultra Deo-Base™ can also be diluted with most automatic proportioning systems or by using the new 64 ounce Press ‘N Pour™ container.

See label for complete safety, mixing and use directions.


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