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Instantly neutralizes tobacco smoke odors.

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Smoke End™ Tobacco Smoke Odor Neutralizer System

Penetrating “Surface Spray” & 30 Day Fan Freshener Refill

Smoke End™ is a Target Specific™¹ odor neutralizer specially formulated to eliminate odors caused by the unique chemical components of tobacco smoke. Smoke End™ instantly neutralizes tobacco smoke odors in ash trays, cigarette urns and waste cans. Smoke End™ also removes lingering smoke odors from soft furniture, walls, ceilings, draperies, clothing, automobile headliners, etc. Smoke End™ may be applied with trigger spray bottles, pressure sprayers or added to water base cleaning solutions.

Smoke End™ features and advantages:

  • Specifically formulated to instantly neutralize tobacco smoke odors.
  • Penetrates porous surfaces to reach the source of lingering smoke odors.
  • Effective against all types of smoking odors including cigarettes, cigars and pipes.
  • Apply full strength or add to light duty water base cleaning solutions.
  • Pleasing Neutral fragrance.
  • Economical to use.
  • V.O.C. compliant.

Suggested uses:

Smoke End™ is ideal for use in smoking areas and designated non-smoking areas in hotels, office buildings, health care facilities, restaurants and taverns. Smoke End™ is the product of choice for removing lingering tobacco smoke odors from porous surfaces such as draperies, carpets, clothing, acoustic ceiling tiles, automobile headliners, etc.

¹Smoke End™ is one of more than 350 Target Specific™ odor counteractants developed by Surco Products, Inc. Unlike “all-purpose” masking agents, each Target Specific™ product has been proven effective for use against a specific malodor type.

Directions for use:


1. Apply Smoke End™ to primary odor sources such as ashtrays, cigarette urns and waste cans.

2. Apply Smoke End™ to secondary odor sources such as air conditioner/heating vents, filters and porous surfaces such as draperies, carpets, walls and ceilings, car upholstery and headliners.

3. Smoke End™ may also be added to water base cleaning solutions at the rate of 16-32 oz. per gallon.

See label for complete safety and use directions.

Genuine Smoke End™ Air Freshener Refill

30-day adjustable output fan neutralizer cartridge

Often imitated, never duplicated. Take profitable advantage of anti-smoking sentiment. This 30-day solid refill is specially formulated to counteract tobacco smoke odors in designated smoking areas and adjacent non-smoking areas.

Perfect for use in conjunction with Smoke End™Tobacco Smoke Odor Neutralizer Spray (above).

Don't be duped by bottom-of-the-barrel clones. This is the ORIGINAL FORMULA! Beware and compare performance. Packed 12 per case, weight 2 lbs. (.908 kg) 



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