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No immediate vacuuming. Disappears into carpet for 7-day odor protection!

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Rug Aroma™ 7-Day Carpet PowderRug Aroma™

New Generation 7 Day Industrial Strength Carpet and Room Freshener

Rug Aroma™ is three times stronger than other commercial or retail brands. Rub Aroma’s™ special particle size disappears into most carpets, continuing to freshen so no immediate vacuuming is required. Plus, Rug Aroma™ will not harm carpet fibers or clog vacuum cleaners. Apply lightly after vacuuming to freshen carpets and rooms for a full 7 days. Rug Aroma™ effectively freshens trash can and garbage areas too!

Rug Aroma™ features and advantages:

  • No immediate vacuuming required.
  • One application freshens all week long!
  • Apply lightly after each vacuuming for long-lasting odor control.
  • Industrial strength, three times stronger than other commercial or retail brands, so a little goes a long way.
  • Out-performs competitive products.
  • Deodorizes carpet and freshens the air in one simple step.
  • Effectively freshens trash cans and garbage areas, too!
  • Special particle size minimizes build-up, does not harm carpet fibers and will not clog vacuums.
  • Choose from Black Cherry™, Cinnamon Stick™, Kleen Aire™, Juicy Lemon™, Sliced Green Apple™, Spring Mint, Sunshine and Wildberry fragrances.
  • Economical to use.
  • V.O.C. complaint.

Suggested uses:

Carpet and room deodorizer, trash cans, cigarette urns, ash trays, litter boxes and other waste related odors.

Directions for use:

New application method:

For long lasting odor protection up to 7 days: After vacuuming, lightly sprinkle Rug Aroma™ onto carpet. Rug Aroma™ will disappear into most carpet fibers. Allow Rug Aroma™ to remain until next vacuuming, up to 7 days.

Conventional application method: Sprinkle Rug Aroma™ onto carpet prior to vacuuming. Allow Rug Aroma™ to absorb odors for several minutes, then vacuum. For more deodorizing, allow Rug Aroma™ to stand overnight. Use as often as needed, but do not over apply.

For trash cans, feminine napkin receptacles, cigarette urns, ash trays, litter boxes: Sprinkle in bottom of trash cans and feminine napkin receptacles when empty. Mix with sand for use in cigarette urns and ashtrays. Sprinkle in bottom of litter boxes before adding litter. Reapply in directed manner every 7 days or as needed.

See label for complete safety and use instructions.


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