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Delightful fragrances that mimic the scents of nature!

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Nature Scent™ Air Freshener RefillsNature Scent®
Fan Freshener Refill Cartridges

High Quality Organic Air Freshener Refills. Out-Performs All Foreign Imports and Gels!

When ordinary air fresheners just won’t do, select Nature Scent® organic fan freshener refills. Nature Scent® refills are made from the highest quality organic ingredients and are not to be confused with high cost foreign imports or gels. Nature Scent® contains no formaldehyde, water, petroleum solvents or preservatives. Nature Scent® refills are truly organic aromatic masterpieces!

Nature Scent® features and advantages:

  • Lasts 30 days in Nature Scent® battery-operated fan dispensers.
  • High performance alternative to costly foreign imports and gels.
  • The industry’s widest variety of organic fragrances will please your most discriminating customers.
  • Excellent for use in both aromatherapy and odor control applications.
  • Hermetically sealed, recyclable aluminum cans lock-in freshness.
  • V.O.C. complaint.

Suggested uses:

Nature Scent® organic fresheners offer a garden of naturally invigorating fragrances, perfect for aromatherapy and odor control. Use Nature Scent® refills and dispenser in country clubs, restaurants, hotels, doctors’ offices, conference rooms, executive offices, retail outlets – especially in the most prestigious “upscale “ locations.

Directions for use:

1. Open can by raising the ring tab and remove lid completely. Dispose of lid properly.

2. OPTIONAL: In warmer environments and/or smaller areas, apply fragrance reduction lid to retard evaporation and reduce fragrance output.

3. Place refill into Nature Scent® dispenser. Replace the refill and alkaline battery every 28 days.

See label for complete safety and use directions


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