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Metazene® neutralizes odors at the molecular level.

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How Metazene® Works
What is Metazene®?

Most SurcoTech™ odor control products contain Metazene® odor neutralizer additive. Metazene® actually neutralizes odors at the MOLECULAR level without masking.

The simplified illustration above shows how Metazene® works to neutralize airborne odors:

1. Electro-negative (-) malodor molecules and electro-positive (+) Metazene® molecules are suspended in ambient air.

2. Metazene® molecules attach to the malodor molecules forming a “heavier” molecule (with a higher vapor pressure.

3. Metazene® forms a homo-polymer lattice, effectively “sealing” and thus neutralizing the malodor.

4. The now heavier molecule slowly sinks to the floor. The malodor continues to be bound by the homo-polymer lattice.

5. The molecule evaporates over a period of days, unable to reenter the ambient air.

If you would like more detailed technical information about Metazene®, you may request it by phone, fax or E-mail.



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