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Turn any non-contact surface into an odor control "vapor-wick."

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Power 24™

Fresh 24™ Non-Aerosol Pump

New Generation
Long Lasting Surface Spray
Odor Neutralizer

FRESH 24™ is the perfect choice for effective odor control in lodging and health care facilities. Unlike ordinary air fresheners which dissipate in minutes, Fresh 24™ is applied to non-contact surfaces for lasting 24 hour room freshening. This unique “surface spray” concept provides continuous odor protection ‘round-the-clock.

FRESH 24™ features and advantages:

  • Just 5 sprays creates a “vapor wick” to freshen rooms up to a full 24 hours.
  • FRESH 24™ surface application method provides discreet use without embarrassment. There are no airborne particles to settle on food, plants or people.
  • A multitude of uses: hotels, motels, lodging facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, restaurants, offices – anywhere long-lasting odor protection is desired.
  • Out-performs all competitive products.
  • Available in environmental friendly non-aerosol pump bottle.
  • Widely accepted Fresh ‘N Clean floral fragrance is suitable for every application.
  • Effectively eliminates most indoor odors.
  • Economical to use.
  • V.O.C. compliant.

Suggested uses:

Apply to inconspicuous non-contact surfaces in offices, lobbies, guest rooms, hallways, locker rooms, lounges, lunchrooms, trash rooms, smoking areas, waste baskets, conference rooms, washrooms, storage areas, musty areas – anywhere long-lasting odor protection is desired.

Directions for use:

1. Choose an inconspicuous non-contact surface as your “wick”, such as bottoms of chair seats, undersides of tables or a 12” circle of carpet. In bathrooms, use an artificial plant, mat or underside of wash basin. In public restrooms, apply directly to ceramic tile walls, splash panels, dividers, in toilet bowls and urinals, etc. DO NOT SPRAY ON FLOORS.

2. Hold container upright 6” from wick surface and apply 5 pumps. Repeat application daily to same wick surfaces.

CAUTION: Do no apply to painted or varnished surfaces.See label for complete safety and use instructions.


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