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Enzymes digest and liquefy grease, feces, sewage and other organic substances.

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Enz-O-Matic™ Enzyme Waste DegraderEnz-O-Matic™

Biological Organic Waste Degrader and Odor Controller
The Natural Pollution Solution™

Enz-O-Matic’s™ high concentration on non-pathogenic, live bacteria cultures rapidly degrade organic wastes. Plus, Enz-O-Matic™ cleans and deodorizes with a unique blend of special surfactants and proprietary odor counteractant fragrance. Multi-purpose Enz-O-Matic™ concentrate is entirely non-polluting, contains no acids or corrosives and is certified salmonella free.

Enz-O-Matic™ features and advantages:

  • Over 200 billion live bacteria cultures per gallon to rapidly degrade organic waste.
  • Bacteria count doubles every 20-30 minutes to provide continuous enzyme production.
  • Enzymes digest and liquefy grease, blood, urine, vomit, feces, sewage and other organic substances.
  • Triple-phase formula: 1) digests organic stains and eliminates odor source, 2) neutralizes odors on contact with advanced odor control technology, 3) cleans with special surfactants.
  • Non-pathogenic, certified salmonella free.
  • Biodegradable formulation contains no corrosives, toxins or pollutants – can be used anywhere with complete confidence.
  • Remove stains organically.
  • Out-performs competitive products.
  • Available in popular industry-recognized fragrances.
  • Economical to use.
  • V.O.C. complaint.

Suggested uses:

Restaurant grease traps, drain lines, blood, urine, feces, septic tanks, surface odor removal, pet “accidents”, stains from coffee, tea and other food spills, low temperature carpet cleaning systems. See label directions for many additional uses.

Directions for use:

Drain Lines and Down Pipes: Add 4 oz. of undiluted Enz-O-Matic™ for every 2 inches of pipe diameter. Repeat 2-4 times per week, depending on usage.

Grease Trap Maintenance: At the close of business each day, flush warm water down drains to clear any chemicals. Dilute 16-18 ounces of Enz-O-Matic™ with one quart of warm water. Pour equal amounts down each drain and allow mixture to remain overnight. Next morning, flush lines with warm water for 5 minutes. See label for directions on handling more severe grease trap problems.

Surface Odor Removal (from around urinals, toilets, etc.): Dilute 1 part Enz-O-Matic™ with 2 parts water. Spray liberally on desired areas. Can be used on any water-safe surface (tile, wood, vinyl, porcelain, etc.).

See label for complete safety, mixing and use directions.


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