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Neutralizes pet odors AT THE SOURCE under carpets and inside upholstery.

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Auto D.O.C. Dumpster Odor ControlAuto D.O.C.

Automatic Dumpster Odor Control and Ambient Air Freshener System

Description: Automatic system (requires 115V AC/60HZ/2.5 AMPS) dispenses Garbo Spray™ odor neutralizer with Citronella and Metazene® odor neutralizer. 55 gallon drum of Garbo Spray™ lasts 30 days at a dispensing rate of 9.7 ounces per hour.

Features: Heavy duty construction. Adjustable timer. Peristaltic pump. Easy to install. Complete instructions and training available.

Advantages: Insect repellant properties of Citronella. Fragrance helps make food sources unpalatable to rodents. Metazene® helps to neutralize ambient odors, keeping surrounding hallways and dock areas odor-free. In some cases, broadcast insecticides may be added for additional control (check your local regulations).

Custom system. Quickly-made to order.

Complete directions are included with the Auto D.O.C. unit.


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